Homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)
Homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile, a sewing thread is made from highly chemical resistance staple spun homopolymeric polyacrylonitrile.
Ticket No Tex No Construction (Ne*Ply) Breaking Strength (Kg) Elongation Range% Recommended Needles (NM)
30 100 18*3 3.30 18-20% 110-130
  • Special thread for filtration application i.e. sewing of filter bags.
  • Good resistance to acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents and solvents.
  • Very Good resistance to oxidative and hydrolytic degradation.
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis up to approx. 125 deg. C with a peak of 140 deg. C may be applied.
  • Fibres do not melt.
  • Limiting oxygen value (LOI) value is 18
  • Sewing thread for filter bag
  • Hot gas filtration
  • Filter Tubes
  • Wet and dry filtration
  • Shaker bag house technology