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Sewing  thread is a small but most critical component of a product. At times customers need to know the right thread for their product and find themselves at a loss for guidance.

Threads India has spent more than 23+ years in helping customers on choosing the right thread for their product. Our new product developments are in tandem with a customer .

We also partner with educational institutes like IIT, Kanpur , Leather Institutes like FDDI, Delhi and tailoring & design institutes like NIFT, Bhubaneswar in order to fine tune our product designs & give first time right products to our customers.

At times there are multiple options available for the same product and our R&D has after significant number of trials arrived at the right product(s) for the right application.If you stuck with a sewing problem and want a TIL expert to visit you or help you than Click and Submit your details here
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