Our Principle Raw Material and Machine Suppliers

In order to ensure the consistent quality product, we procure raw materials directly from manufacturers globally.

Raw Material Suppliers
SANS Fiber (Pty) Ltd USA
Well known supplier of Nylon 6,6 filament based in USA.
Toray Synthetics, Indonesia
Renowned Japanese Nylon filament yarn manufacturer since 1960’S
Performance Fibers
Performance Fibers creates fibers, fabrics and finishes for a distinguished roster of customers WORLDWIDE Since 1970
Hyosung, Korea
Hyosung is as a world-renowned textile company and its recognized around the world for it is Technology
Machine Suppliers
Lezzini Mario, Italy
Single & Two step twisting machines from Italy.
SSM, Germany
state of the art winding machines from Germany.
Weavetex Industries
High performance dyeing machines.
texilmesa, Italy
High performance Winding machines from Italy.
Herzog, Germany
Braiding machines of original German technology.